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Creme de la Creme

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Sonntag, 13. März 2011, 22:14

Star Ocean - Font Hacking

Hello and welcome to this help for Star Ocean.
Our Member Killbill and as far as I know some french people are trying to translate the whole game Star Ocean.
About 15 years before, Dejap has translated the whole game from japanese to english. Unfortunately came bugs into the game
and the author is not more reachable. Also the offsets for fonttiles is forgotten. Most people belive that the font is inside of the compressed
Space. That's not true. Both fonttiles(menu and ingametext) are simple read- and writeable(in the englisch version).

I know only the offsets and some settings to read it. It seems some people with experience in tile-hacking have to experiment a little bit.

Ingametext / Dialogs:
Offset: " 3F0000" (Original Japanese and engl. translation)
Settings for SNESEDIT:
Planar, SNES, Tile, 2bit, Phase 0, HI/LO: 0 ; Interleave: 0
It seems the font looks with tileeditors a little bit clinched.

Menü englisch:
240244 (only in the english translation)
Settings for SNESEDIT:
Planar, SNES, Font, 2bit, Phase 0, HI/LO: 0 ; Interleave: 0
It seems the font is in the japanese version compressed. :S

So, after we have the English in Rome, we can now edit and add accents as you see ^^
Big THANKS goes on at this point manakoAT who has the whole place and run to put.

The font from the script (Main dialog) is at 0x3f0000 However, it is 1 bit, not 2 bit Kompriemiert

Build by manakoAT

And now here are the results:

Build by manakoAT

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Freitag, 9. September 2011, 14:46

*Update* Big THANKS goes on at this point manakoAT & Blackerking

manakoAT = Main dialog
Blackerking = menu

MfG KillBill_158
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Montag, 16. Januar 2012, 15:36

Kann jemand mal was zur Komprimierung in SO sagen?!

Ist das Huffman? manako?



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